Our Values


  1. Hevi LGBTI+ is an LGBTI+ association and therefore is close to anyone or any group that has a relation with the hegemonic heteronormativity and patriarchy
  2. Hevi LGBTI+ is a safe zone for LGBTI+ in the world and especially in the middle east because of its location
  3. In Hevi LGBTI+ association there can be no questioning of individuals’ sexual identity, sexual orientation, sexual acts, or gender/gender non-conformity and no one can be forced to make a declaration on these matters
  4. In Hevi LGBTI+ association, everyone is different in terms of language, accent, pronunciation, race, color, gender/gender non-conformity, ideology, belief, religion, sect, age, and social status, but everyone is equal in terms of rights
  5. Hevi LGBTI+ association is a non-partisan organization
  6. Hevi LGBTI+ association produces multilingual policies
  7. Hevi LGBTI+ association is against all forms of discrimination and speciesism
  8. Hevi LGBTI+ is an antimilitarist association
  9. Hevi LGBTI+ association advocates non-violence in all areas (physical, emotional, discursive, etc.)
  10. Hevi LGBTI+ association takes environmental issues into consideration in the process of policy-making.
  11. Hevi LGBTI+ association is against any kind of humiliation, and offensive actions and discourses on the basis of geographical and communication elements
  12. Hevi LGBTI+ association takes all its decisions based on the consensus of the crowd except for decisions that will create special legal responsibility for the individual
  13. Hevi LGBTI+ association adopts the principle of transparency and accountability
  14. Hevi LGBTI+ association does not base its works on pure individual interests
  15. Hevi LGBTI+ association uses the give-way method in terms of functionality
  16. Hevi LGBTI+ association keeps these articles open to criticism