“Along with Hebûn, Hêvî will form a bridge between east and west. We will focus on Kurdish LGBT peoples issues,” said Mehmet Umut, a member of newly founded initiative Hêvî LGBTİ.

Jiyanek bê Hêvî , di rastiyê de mirinek bê denge….

(A life without hope, is a silent death indeed…)

On September 22, a group of activists released a statement, announcing the birth of Hêvî LGBTİ, a Kurdish LGBT initiative based in Istanbul. The word “Hêvî” symbolizes “hope” in Kurdish.

Founded by a group of Gezi Resistance activists who gathered around LGBT Bloc, the initiative is not solely populated by Kurdish people, according to Mehmet Umut.

“Those who migrate to Istanbul from Kurdish cities don’t feel themselves good under the umbrella of other LGBT groups.

“With this initiative, we will initially focus on the issues of Kurdish LGBT people living in Istanbul.

“There is another Kurdish LGBT initiative in Diyarbakır. They are called Hebûn and they are doing a great job there. However, it is hard for them to reach out people in Istanbul. Along with Hebûn, Hêvî will form a bridge between east and west.”

“Initiative of all LGBTs, not only Kurds”

In their recently released manifesto, Hêvî LGBTİ favored an anti-militarist organization against the oppression and cruelty of authorities.

“We belive that LBGTs have a responsibility to contribute to the policies of peace for a more inclusive and permanent peace.

“Hêvî is an organization of all LGBTS. Our first struggle is to survive.

“We don’t have a priority order between the people and their problems. However, the preservation and development of LBGT policies lie in the study of Kurdish problem and class-related contradictions. It is not possible to form a libertarian political discourse without facing the reality of imperialism.” (FBM/ÇT/BM)

* Click here to view Hêvî LGBTİ page on Facebook.

Fidan Berfe Mirhanoğlu- Bianet

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